Configuration Management Specialist

This is a specialized certification that goes beyond essential ITSM concepts for the configuration management database (CMDB) and incorporates other related configuration management topics. It also takes a deeper dive than our integratedITSM™ Essentials certification into the design, deployment, and management required for a sustainable configuration management process.

The topics covered in this certification that are not found in IT Service Management Essentials include:

  • Guidance on service data modeling
  • Data governance policies and considerations
  • Key integrations with processes such as monitoring and alerting, budgeting and costing, change management, incident management, and service level management
  • Roles related to configuration management updates and maintenance
  • CMDB design considerations such as federated databases and data reconciliation with monitoring tools

Who is this for?

Configuration managers, product and service owners, asset management owners, information and security management roles, business analysts, IT process designers, data architects, IT consultants, and IT project managers.

Why get certified?

A Configuration Management Specialist certification signifies the acquisition of knowledge that identifies the critical success factors related to organizational goals, as well as an understanding on how to establish the approaches needed to overcome the daily design, deployment, and ongoing management issues faced in this role.


There are no prerequisites for this certification. Completing the  integratedITSM™ Essentials certification or having equivalent knowledge and experience is recommended.