5 Reasons why the Service Catalog is Crucial to an Organization

July 18, 2018

We all want to work seamlessly, be able to access all the resources we need and to have them available at our fingertips upon demand – right?

The appropriate design, creation, implementation, maintenance and utilization of the IT Service Catalog is a key support that underpins IT service delivery – it makes life easier for everyone and helps the business more effectively and efficiently deliver value.

Many believe the Service Catalog is not only the foundation for service delivery but can also be a starting point for reducing costs and promoting a stronger IT and business relationship. The service catalog has always been important, but in the digital age it’s becoming increasingly crucial as IT moves towards automation.

Here are five reasons why a Service Catalog is so important.

The Service Catalog:

Service Catalog management is a key function of IT service delivery, so the person who can organize, keep track of and manage the knowledge base of information-related technologies can be invaluable to their organization.

Being certified as a Service Catalog Specialist™ will signify you have demonstrated the ability to adapt and integrate leading practices that can optimize value and reduce costs to the business. Becoming a Service Catalog specialist will allow you to both prove and improve your competence.

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