Service Catalog Specialist™

The service catalog plays a vital role in IT service delivery and its importance cannot be overstated. While it is briefly included and reviewed as part of the ITIL® certification scheme, this particular exam and certification go beyond theoretical guidance. Obtain a detailed and specialized understanding of what is needed to define, create, implement, and manage the ongoing processes for a highly effective service catalog.

Who is this for?

This certification is designed to support and qualify individuals who are responsible for designing, building, implementing, and maintaining an updated service catalog.

Why get certified?

Acquire this specialist certification through our Professional Designations exam. The Service Catalog Specialist designation will signify you have the ability to develop and sustain an up-to-date service catalog that supports the efficient and effective delivery of IT services, and will positively impact business value.

Obtaining your certification

Take a course from a training partner registered with Professional Designations and then order the exam voucher from your training partner.

Exam Details