Lean IT Kaizen

The Lean IT Kaizen certification goes beyond understanding the Lean IT concepts and principles acquired with Lean IT Essentials, enabling proficiency in continuous improvement as a certified Lean IT kaizen lead. This certification comprises Lean thinking, which can be successfully applied to any methodology – including IT Service Management – to facilitate the application of incremental service and process improvements that streamline the efficiency and effectiveness of any existing process or value stream. This is a major Lean differentiator.

Who is this for?

This certification is applicable to anyone interested in expanding their practical knowledge and skills to lead targeted Lean improvement initiatives focused on continual service improvement.

Why get certified?

The Lean IT Kaizen certification demonstrates acquisition of the fundamental knowledge and practical guidance required to use proven Lean concepts and implement key problem-solving methods to achieve continual improvement.


Lean IT Essentials is a prerequisite for this certification.