IT Business Relationship Manager™

The Business Relationship Manager plays a vital role in IT business alignment. The demand to fill this role is ever-growing as the business world comes to depend more and more on technology to drive business value and achieve successful results. The IT Business Relationship Manager certification provides the key learnings required to fill this need and become a highly effective business relationship manager.

Presented in a systematic fashion, the certification focuses on core principles of business relationship management. It also provides an innovative way of tackling business relationship management through a new Integrated Business Relationship Framework (iBRMF).

Who is this for?

This certification is beneficial for candidates with varied professional backgrounds:

  • Individuals involved in strategic development, marketing, business analysis, business case development, planning transition, or business process design
  • Anyone possessing an IT-focused background such as senior project managers, senior IT service portfolio managers, business analysts, or anyone who has managed an IT service provider organization
  • Anyone interested in maximizing business value (business relationship managers or those in similar roles, quality managers, and service level managers)

Why get certified?

The IT Business Relationship Manager certification will provide you with best practice guidelines and solid tools required to succeed as a business relationship manager at a time when demand is high for this role.


There are no prerequisites for this certification.