IT Business Leader

The IT Business Leader certification focuses on the integration of IT organizations with the rest of the business through integrated IT service management (ITSM). The program covers three levels of ITSM integration, the four components of integrated ITSM, strategy, vision, values, mission, goals, objectives, and governance. Candidates will also learn about the three IT/business model domains and the basic components of an integrated IT/business model. The certification equips candidates with the knowledge necessary to lead IT organizations toward successful integration with the rest of the business, driving business success through effective IT management.

Who is this for?

This certification course is suitable for IT leaders and those aspiring to be IT leaders or leadership roles that interact with IT. Additionally, candidates whose organizations are seeking ISO/IEC 20000 certification will find this certification a compatible and valuable introduction to the standard.


The integratedITSM™ System certification is a prerequisite for this certification.