DevOps Leadership

The DevOps Leadership certification follows the DevOps Essentials certification, which provides direction and practices inclusive of culture and automation. DevOps Leadership focuses on the next steps for IT leaders at all levels, to address the challenges of establishing and effectively maintaining a comprehensive model to achieve DevOps success.

Who is this for?

This advanced-level certification is designed for all leaders in IT service management, operations, or software development who are seeking practical guidance on how to establish and maintain a DevOps approach that will help organizations deliver more business value.

Why get certified?

This certification validates the competence and marketability in leadership skills that employers are looking for. It provides IT professionals with the advanced capabilities to design and implement customized road maps, directions on how to successfully lead others through organizational change, and how to create, lead, and maintain a cross-functional culture of collaboration.


DevOps Essentials is a prerequisite for this certification.