Cybersecurity Essentials™

This certification is designed to train and certify personnel involved in security. Learnings include the concepts, approaches, standards, methods, and techniques necessary to effectively manage cybersecurity issues. These issues, in addition to understanding the relationship between the components of a cybersecurity project, include risk management, controls, and compliance with the requirements of different teams in the organization.

Who is this for?

The certification’s scope of application ranges from personnel with no experience in the subject up to strategic managers within the organization.

Project managers, people responsible for security, members of a security team, or consultants who want to prepare for and support an organization in the implementation of a security management information system are among the many who would benefit from the certification.

Why get certified?

This certification enables the development of the skills for understanding how to build a protection mechanism, as well as what elements a security strategy should contain. This training aligns with best practices and security frameworks such as ISO 27001, ISO 27005, and the ISACA Cybersecurity framework, among others.


There are no prerequisites for this certification.