Professional Designations Unveils Its New Integrated IT Business Management™ Designation Scheme

Rolling Meadows, IL – June 14, 2023

Professional Designations is pleased to announce its brand-new Integrated IT Business Management designation scheme that will provide highly valuable recognition for IT professionals who possess the essential knowledge and actionable best practices that will enable them to make significant contributions in delivering optimized business value to their organization.

Designed to meet current, crucial needs in specified areas of IT service management, the scheme offers six new advantageous designations that draw from a slate of 10 comprehensive certifications. Four of the designations are for specialists in ITSM operational disciplines, while the Integrated IT Business Management Professional designation provides what is needed to effectively manage IT projects and teams, and the Integrated IT Business Management Champion designation provides extensive knowledge and proficiencies for leading IT teams and driving change within their organizations.

“These new designations comprise key IT service management specialties that reflect the most sought-after capabilities for today’s IT organizations. The designations are ideal for candidates who want to implement the latest ITSM knowledge, methodologies, and best practices and standards to their respective organization’s IT service management program,” says Professional Designations Managing Director Felipe Villegas. “Each designation hones skills in particular areas of IT service management and/or related fields that will enable designees to be recognized and validated for their expertise and accomplishments.”

Integrated IT Business Management Architect

Each of the four Integrated IT Business Management architect designations focuses on individual areas of specialized knowledge including value stream mapping; IT performance management; IT business relationship management, and organizational change management.

Integrated IT Business Management Professional™

This designation recognizes IT professionals who have a comprehensive understanding of the latest best practices and industry standards in Integrated IT Service Management, Lean IT Essentials, Agile Scrum Essentials, and Introduction to Integrated IT Business Management and equips them with the knowledge to effectively manage IT projects and teams.

Integrated IT Business Management Champion™

This highly valuable designation recognizes IT professionals who have completed a rigorous set of certifications in nine crucial areas related to IT service management, Agile methodology, organizational change management, and more. This designation equips successful candidates to lead IT teams and expedite meaningful change in their organizations. In addition to the four certifications, mentioned above, the other needed certifications are Organizational Change Management, IT Business Relationship Manager, IT Business Leader, Value Steam Mapping, IT Performance & Improvement Management, and Enabling Integrated IT Service Management with DevOps, Agile, and Lean.

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