Professional Designations’ integratedITSM™ Designation Scheme Is Now Fully Available

Rolling Meadows, IL – December 11, 2023

In response to the pressing demands in key areas of IT service management, Professional Designations (PDC) unveiled its latest initiative in June 2023 – the integratedITSM™ designation scheme.

The scheme offers six advantageous designations, drawing from a slate of 10 comprehensive certifications. Among them, four of the designations are for specialists in ITSM operational disciplines. The integratedITSM™ Professional designation provides the extensive knowledge and proficiencies for effectively managing IT projects and teams, while the integratedITSM™ Champion designation provides the extensive knowledge and proficiencies for leading IT teams and driving change within their organizations.

With the introduction of three new certifications – Value Stream Mapping, IT Performance & Improvement Management, and IT Business Leader – PDC is proud to announce the complete availability of the designation scheme:

Value Stream Mapping Certification – Streamlining IT Processes for Excellence

The Value Stream Mapping certification is a comprehensive program designed to empower individuals with the skills and knowledge needed to optimize processes using Lean principles. Covering process design, assessment, and improvement, candidates will delve into value stream mapping techniques that will equip them to identify and eliminate waste, reduce lead times, and enhance flow across the IT value chain. This certification is ideal for IT professionals and those interacting with IT and offers compatibility with ISO/IEC 20000 certification objectives.

IT Performance & Improvement Management Certification – Elevating IT Service Delivery

The IT Performance & Improvement Management certification focuses on assessing and enhancing the performance of IT service management processes. With a practical approach, candidates will gain insights into metrics, dashboard creation, and process-level improvements that will enable them to evaluate ITSM processes, identify areas for improvement, and implement effective solutions. Geared toward IT professionals and those engaging with IT, the certification aligns seamlessly with ISO/IEC 20000 certification requirements.

IT Business Leader Certification – Guiding IT Integration for Business Success

Designed for IT leaders and aspiring leaders, the IT Business Leader certification centers on integrating IT organizations with the broader business landscape through integrated IT service management. Covering strategies, vision, values, and governance, candidates will be equipped to lead IT organizations toward successful integration, thereby driving business success. This certification is also valuable for those pursuing ISO/IEC 20000 certification.

These certifications mark a significant step in PDC's commitment to advancing professional capabilities within the IT sector. As organizations increasingly recognize the importance of streamlined processes, enhanced performance, and strategic IT leadership, these certifications are poised to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of IT professionals, globally. Enrollments are now open through our training partners network, offering professionals the opportunity to elevate their skills and contribute to organizational excellence.

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