The Current State Of DevOps

April 30th, 2018

DevOps is a popular buzzword within the IT industry, so should your organization consider embracing it?

Over the past year, actions taken by subject matter experts and industry leaders appear to support the notion that the growth of DevOps is accelerating rapidly – within just one year – as more and more organizations are adopting the DevOps movement’s principles and practices.

Statistics show that the percentage of people working on DevOps teams in organizations increased from 16% in 2014 to 27% in 2017,[1]and that more than 50% of organizations are embracing DevOps principles. In fact, research firm Forrester has declared that 2018 will be “The Year Of Enterprise DevOps[2]”.

With all this hubbub, why isn’t everyone practicing DevOps?

Because it isn’t as easy as it seems. The top barriers to DevOps include: executive buy-in, budget allocation, skillsets, testing automation and – perhaps the biggest barrier of them all – culture.[3]

So, to answer the opening question posed – yes, it definitely looks like it makes sense for your organization to embrace DevOps and its ultimate goal of helping your organization deliver IT services better, faster and cheaper to meet business objectives. And if the correct steps are taken to embed the DevOps mindset into your culture, your organization will benefit from the true value of DevOps even sooner!


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