IT Asset Management Essentials™

This unique IT Asset Management Essentials certification provides a full picture of software and hardware asset management.

Who is this for?

This certification is for:

  • IT professionals who have responsibility for the procurement, receipt, life cycle management, inventory and audit control processes, or the disposal of IT assets for their organization
  • Procurement and purchasing professionals outside of IT who work closely with IT professionals to acquire IT assets as well as a better understanding of the unique challenges to managing IT assets
  • IT management, because they will benefit from the foundational understanding of IT asset management to more effectively support and enable IT asset management programs in their organizations

Why get certified?

The effective management of IT assets is integral – and invaluable – to a well-run organization. This designation validates the capacity to manage all the organization’s hardware, software, and mobile assets. It also demonstrates an understanding of the various legal, contractual, and regulatory compliance concerns related to acquiring, managing, and disposing of IT assets.


There are no prerequisites for this certification.