DevSecOps - Integrated Security into DevOps

The DevSecOps certification course concentrates on typical security risks and the effective practices that can be put in place to diminish and/or thwart those threats.
Topics to be addressed include roles and responsibilities, tools, and cultural factors, as well as the differences between traditional security approaches and DevSecOps, how to embed the DevSecOps approach into the normal everyday workflow, and how to get started with DevSecOps.

Who is this for?

Anyone in software development or IT operations roles using the DevOps approach.

Why get certified?

This course will provide the foundational DevOps knowledge with a focus on the necessary security elements for safe operation. Learn the importance of best DevSecOps practices and return to the workplace ready to adopt those practices.

Obtaining your certification

There are no pre-requisites for this course; however, it is recommended to have a good knowledge of DevOps concepts, which can be gained by taking a DevOps Essentials certification course or equivalent.

Take a course from a training partner registered with Professional Designations and then order the exam voucher from your training partner.

Exam Details