DevSecOps – Integrating Security into DevOps

The DevSecOps – Integrating Security into DevOps certification enables IT professionals to maximize security measures by understanding the typical security risks to an IT organization and the effective practices needed to mitigate them when deploying new DevOps services/applications.

Topics to be covered include roles, responsibilities, tools, and cultural factors. Participants will also learn the differences between traditional security approaches and DevSecOps, how to embed the DevSecOps approach into their normal everyday workflow, and how to get started with DevSecOps.

Who is this for?

This course is designed for anyone in software development or IT operations roles who is using the DevOps approach.

Why get certified?

As more and more organizations transition towards automation and adopt DevOps, it is crucial that everyone involved protects their work – and the organization – from the damaging impacts to productivity and profit that can result from security breaches.

Obtaining your certification

There are no prerequisites for this course; however, it is recommended to have a good knowledge of DevOps concepts, which can be gained by taking a DevOps Essentials certification course or equivalent.

Exam Details